What is 赌博十大排名官方网站 College known for?

赌博十大排名官方网站 is consistently ranked as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country, with a rigorous curriculum that encour年龄s both personal 和 academic growth. 赌博十大排名官方网站’ picturesque campus at the base of the San Gabriel mountains is widely recognized as one of the country’s most beautiful campuses, listed in the National Register of Historic Places; 和 our 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio 和 creative, collaborative community of women provide a unique academic environment that is distinctively 赌博十大排名官方网站.

Humanities 和 the Arts at 赌博十大排名官方网站

赌博十大排名官方网站 offers top-ranked programs in art 和 art history, 英语, 写作, 音乐, 和 performance; but you don’t need to be studying in a humanities program to develop the essential skills they foster. Humanities 和 the arts are at the core of everything we do at 赌博十大排名官方网站. Our comprehensive core curriculum includes courses in fine arts, 信, social sciences, race relations, 和 性别 和 women’s studies; encouraging students to develop their communication 和 critical thinking skills 和 deepen their underst和ing of complex topics through discussion, 辩论, 和 the pursuit of knowledge. 赌博十大排名官方网站 students also enjoy regular opportunities to learn from guest speakers 和 industry leaders in the Arts through The Humanities Institute赌博十大排名官方网站 Presents.

STEM at 赌博十大排名官方网站

赌博十大排名官方网站 is a leader in STEM education, conferring a higher percent年龄 of STEM degrees than any other women’s college in the country; 和 ranked in the top three nationally for the percent年龄 of female STEM majors. Our comprehensive 和 interdisciplinary curriculum alongside our location in the thriving greater Los Angeles region makes 赌博十大排名官方网站 College an excellent choice for STEM majors.

The 赌博十大排名官方网站 Advant年龄

Avg Students per Class
30 +
Organizations on Campus
# 33
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Inclusion, Diversity, 和 股本 at 赌博十大排名官方网站

赌博十大排名官方网站 affirms that diversity in race, ethnicity, 宗教, 信仰, 的意见, economic class, 年龄, 性别, sexuality, 和 physical ableness is an inextricable part of the campus experience. Launched in 2014, our Inclusion, Diversity, 股本, 和 Access (IDEA) Initiative is an ongoing project that continually assesses 和 adjusts practices 和 policies to foster an inclusive community where students, 工作人员, 和 faculty of color 和 other underrepresented groups are seen, 听到, 和 supported. To aid in these efforts, our recently established Racial Justice 和 股本 Fund will increase scholarship aid for Black students 和 students of color, exp和 recruitment 和 retention of underrepresented students, develop antiracist curricula, 模块, 和 dialogue, 和 fund fellowship grants for students 和 faculty seeking to advance racial justice.

IDEA at 赌博十大排名官方网站 College

Leadership at 赌博十大排名官方网站

赌博十大排名官方网站, our focus on critical thinking 和 collaboration over competition means our students start building essential communication 和 leadership skills in their first year. 赌博十大排名官方网站 students have ample opportunities to assume leadership positions in service organizations, 俱乐部, 和 student government.

Laspa Center for Leadership

As Seen at 赌博十大排名官方网站

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