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The goal of the Clark Humanities Museum, which opened in 1970, is to give students the crucial opportunity to engage directly with original works of art and other artifacts of material culture related to their courses—an irreproducible experience that sharpens critical inquiry, fosters interdisciplinary thinking, and offers the keen poignancy of authenticity in our increasingly virtual digital age.

Listening to L.A.: Rock ‘n’ Roll Realities 


Oct. 2-27, 2023, Clark Humanities Museum, Scripps College

“Listening to L.A. : Rock ‘g’ Roll Realities” at the CHM focuses on popular music from LA: ChicanX rock music beginning with Ritchie Valens from Pacoima less than 50 miles away on the I-210; the Laurel Canyon lady singer-songwriters Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon who broke the gender barriers in the music industry in the 70s and forged a path for Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and even Beyonce; LA Punk, which is a very neglected center of punk music that rivals NY and London in terms of social and musical impact, especially with its inclusion. of ChicanX and women musical artist performers such as Alice Bag aka Violence Girl and the Go-Gos; current LA women rockers and popular music artists.

Young people in LA not only learned to support each other by making music, but also created countercultures and subcommunities that expressed the voices and values of significant groups of people. Their music provides insights into a specific time and into how music shaped identity for particular groups. This exhibition highlights the core importance of rock, both historical and current, and to serve as a reminder of the rich, diverse background and profound depth of LA rock music.



Brendan Mullen

Unknown- 1978

Courtesy of UCLA Special Collections

Violence Girl Quote

Lyrics by Alice Bag

Graphic by Amanda Dym




Los Lobos House of Blues Concert






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